Planet Together "Reliabel, Accurate, and Easy-to-Use"

With PlanetTogether, your company can increase revenue and optimise resources with a single integrated solution. PlanetTogether is perfect solution for any size organization (SME or Multi Plant MNC) who wants to automate planning and scheduling in the factory. It is affordable, easy-to-use, yields fast return on investment, and is fully scalable

Get powerfull modules

Management planning, optimizing & analytics platform

Easy data integration

Powerful optimization engine

Multi-user & multi-plant collaboration

Real-time schedules

Predictive analytics & statistical forecasting

What-if impact analysis

Management planning, optimizing and analytics platform

PlanetTogether Advanced Planning and Scheduling is a powerful and easy-to-use production scheduling solution that quickly produces accurate production plans and schedules taking into account machines, personnel, tooling and inventory constraints. PlanetTogether software enables manufacturers to balance material, capacity and shop floor schedules simultaneously to meet customer demand “on-time” at the lowest cost.


Easy data integration

PlanetTogether is flexible to meet the needs of your organization. The intuitive, easy-to-use user interface and robust functionality built on the Microsoft .Net architecture allows companies to quickly deploy and begin gaining value using your existing ERP data. PlanetTogether can be use data from any ERP system (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and many others), existing spreadsheets or databases.


Powerful optimizing engine

  • Drive efficient production every minute of every day with optimization rules that allow you to schedule based on your goals and production requirements.

  • Balance between any combination of: due dates, priority, revenue, WIP reduction, setup time reduction, work remaining and many more options with easy slider-adjustable, resource-specific rules.

  • Minimize Work-in-Progress inventory and maximize output with JIT (Just in Time) and Theory of Constraints bottleneck scheduling.


Multi-user and multi-plant collaboration

  • Work collaboratively with any number of planners at the same time.

  • Manage schedules simultaneously – allowing each planner to focus on the operations they know best.

  • Schedule on your own terms – by work centre, department, facility, product line or customer.


Real-time schedules

  • View the most up-to-date schedule at all times as the system enables real-time updates.

  • Use printed schedules or live dispatch lists directly from the system on the shop floor.

  • Schedule simple, single-operation jobs all the way to many-to-many operation flows easily and accurately.


Predictive analytics and statistical forecasting

  • Learn from the past, monitor the present, and predict the future based on PlanetTogether simulations.

  • Clearly compare different scenarios to make better data driven decisions.

  • Cloud-based Analytics men that you can share information with colleagues, suppliers and customers and get answers whenever, wherever


What-if impact analysis

  • Predict outcomes quickly and make informed decisions based on real and experimental schedules.

  • React and re-plan quickly and easily when incidents occur that disrupt the plan.

  • Use Capable-to-Promise to easily evaluate the impact of additional customer orders.

  • Graph and track schedule quality by using Key Performance Indicators.