Create amazing customer experiences with Parature, from Microsoft

Parature is a cloud-based customer service solution that empowers brands and organizations to deliver consistent care anytime, anywhere through a powerful combination of knowledge management, self-service and multi-channel engagement. Quick to deploy, scalable and flexible, and mobile-responsive, discover the customer support software solution that many of the world’s leading brands are using to deliver productive, proactive and personalized customer care.​

Knowledge management

Self-service portals

Multi-channel engagement

Empower Employees and Customers with Knowledge Using Parature

As customer service expectations and the number of customer service delivery channels continue to grow, front line representatives are increasingly challenged by the ability to access and deliver real-time answers and information.


Parature’s knowledge management solution provides easy to create, easy to access content that can be delivered both internally to customer service representatives (CSRs) and across all major service channels to the customer for real-time updates and deflection of frequently-asked-questions.

Business benefits
  • Provides easy, organized access to knowledge for real-time customer service and response

  • Delivers consistent answers and information across teams and departments

  • Reduces handle times and repetitive questions

  • Makes information/videos accessible for new employee, new product and service training

Customer benefits
  • Delivers consistent answers, information and brand messaging across channels

  • Provides 24/7 self-service access to information

  • Increases first contact resolution rates

  • Empowers customers with organized, searchable content on the channel of their choice or convenience (including social and mobile)


Provide Proactive Self-Service with Parature

As expectations for 24/7 access to answers and information continue to grow, front line representatives are increasingly challenged by repetitive questions which create a considerable volume of interactions on high-cost, high-touch channels such as phone and email.


Parature’s customer self-service portal combines a custom-branded, mobile-responsive support portal with Parature’s searchable knowledgebase, support ticketing and other multi-channel contact options, such as live chat to deliver real-time answers.  By using Parature’s innovative customer portal, businesses can not only increase customer satisfaction but deflect a high volume of frequently asked questions.

Business benefits
  • Proactively reduces support volume and repetitive inquiries on high-cost channels

  • Empower customer preference of online information before escalating to assisted service

  • Delivers consistent answers across multiple channels (including social media and mobile)

  • Creates more time for high-value customer interactions

Customer benefits
  • Allows customer access across mobile, social and web experiences

  • Provides 24/7 self-service access to information

  • Increases first contact resolution and customer satisfaction

  • Provides real-time product and service updates


Deliver Consistent Service Across Channels with Parature

As the number of customer service channels continues to grow, along with customers’ expectations for response and convenience, frontline representatives are increasingly challenged by siloed information, limited customer knowledge and managing different channels with different solutions.

Parature’s multi-channel solution provides organizations with a unified, cloud service desk that increases efficiency and effectiveness through consistent collection, management and resolution of customer service issues across all major channels.

Business benefits
  • Provides a single solution to manage all channels including email, ticket, knowledgebase, chat, social, mobile

  • Streamlines multichannel business processes

  • Provides a single view of the customer across multiple channels

  • Leverages a unified knowledgebase to provide consistent answers and information across channels and customer service representatives (CSRs)

Customer benefits
  • Provides the customer with convenient, responsive service on the channel of their choice

  • Delivers a consistent multi-channel customer service experience and information

  • Reduces customer frustrations from having to repeat their information or issue multiple times

  • Provides more personalized service as service desk agents have greater access to customer history and feedback