Create Opportunity and Gain More Control on Your Property Business

By using Microsoft business application and combine with kreatif solution, we provide End-to-end solution for your property business. From know, project plan for construct building, maintaining building and floor, create sales and marketing plan, event record customer and all transactional data, can be provide in single solution

Customer record

Property management


Billing calculation

Customer record

Customer profile, activity, transaction, payment, contract and many more depending on the business needs, can be stored and accessible anywhere anytime. System will create unique account for every customer and support single accounts with multiple unit and service lines.

It also can generate meaningful and actionable reports for users, supervisors, and manager (role based). System also can attach documents to customer record

All customer activity can be track easly by the system, such as phone call, appointment, task, email, etc


Property management

Kreatif provide solution with advanced system that can manage and maintain property business such as tower, building, unit, and also specific product. System also provide  predefined business process flow to capture end-to-end sales processes (lead-opportunity-quote-contract-invoice-billing) and streamline the process and approvals.

The system can maintain status, information, scheduled enhancement, and maintenance enhancement of asset.

Payment method such as cash, installment, or KPA can  be manage and maintain easily, Every customer payment such as electricity, water, internet usage can be track based on unit. and also invoice can be create automatically based on installment. 


Billing calculation

Kreatif provide solution and advanced system that can calculate automatically billing based on billing type, date, due date, penalty, debit-credit note and more, depend on business needs. the system can easily calculate billing based on the billing schedule or prorate prorate schedule and allows users to override default billing with a manual amount (subject to appropriate security).

Customer will get automatically email notification regarding billing report for reminder.All billing management and capabilities has been created in one powerful end-to-end solution.

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