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We deliver 100% fully integrated B2B e-commerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX, SAP, and other ERP systems that help retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers take their business online and increase sales. You’ve already made the heavy ERP investment, spent countless hours customizing and configuring it for your business and customers, we believe you shouldn’t have to repeat all that work and fiancial committentfor a complex webshop.


Sana’s integration allows for low TCO and ensures that your ERP completes the real-time calculation for your online shoppingcart. Orders are processed directly and your clients will always have access to customer specific prices, stock inventory, order history and account information. Your portal can be setup in a matter of days so you can quickly benefit from higher sales effiency, better customer service and increased revenue. Sana Commerce enables you to grow your business without growing your sales team.

Sana Commerce capabilities

Process your orders more efficiently

24/7 product information for your customers​

An online store live in 30 days

Leveraging your ERP investment​

Learn how e-commerce improves the efficiency of your order process

Quick ordering

You want to start with e-commerce so you can guarantee your service day and night. An online sales portal whom can deliver that service is therefore a must. Orders should be placed quick and easy, anytime and anywhere. With the integrated ERP system you don’t have to waste time searching for the items you want to order. And that is just one of Sana’s unique aspects.

Customer pricing

With Sana you can show client specific pricing and discounts. This is not only well arranged for you, but it makes it even more inviting for your clients to place another order. No need to work with special codes during checkout, but transparency from the very first moment.


Some webshops are like a maze. Shortage in search navigation is one of the most common conversion killers. However, you want to offer your clients the ultimate e-commerce experience. Therefore, a well-developed navigation is indispensable. That’s why Sana runs with an auto-complete and guided navigation.

24/7 business

Stores close after office-hours, which means your business day ends after 6 o’ clock, whether you want it or not. But your clients expect you to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And while it might be the middle of the night for you, at the other side of the world they might need your services. But you don’t want to miss out on orders when you are sleeping, are you?

Order history overview

Searching for basic orders over and over again is experienced as a waste of time. A direct view in order history ensures that customers are able to quickly re-order their basic or standard products. Not only online, but offline as well.

Variation matrix

Some of your products are the same, but are provided in, for example, different colors. With the variation matrix Sana is able to support up to six dimensions, so you can show everything you have to offer on a well-ordered manner.

Client specific selection

Every customer has special needs. And you want to make sure you know everything about everyone. An assortment that is specially sorted for each one of them is a very big step into next level bonding. It is not only easy for your clients to finish their orders, it also gives them the feeling that they are special to you.


Learn how e-commerce improves your customer service

Product information

When your clients enter your website you do not want them to have too many questions. You want to make it as easy as possible and that starts by providing them with all the information they need. That means not only providing product information, but also product enrichment. In this way your clients already know everything there is to know.

Responsive design

Whether on your phone, tablet or desktop, your catalog (and entire website for that matter) must be shown in the best and most optimal way possible. That is why having a responsive design is very important. Not only do you want to have a good looking website trough phone and desktop, but your clients want, and require, that as well.

Guided navigation

Nobody wants to spend too much time on searching for products or services. That is one of the reasons why it’s very important to make sure your clients can navigate through your site, even with their eyes closed. Creating a flexible online catalog structure ensures your customers don’t get lost.

Related products

Imagine you’re searching for a specific type of shoes. And on the right side of the page, you see related and relevant shoes as well. In this way you’ll get some more inspiration and a wider look of the choices you have. Providing such a service not only benefits your customers, it might even result into extra orders.

High resolution images

Giving your clients the best service possible also includes showing them every detail of every product. You want to see everything before you buy it, don’t you? Your clients do as well. One of the best way of doing this is by providing detailed and clear high resolution images.

Available 24/7

While you’re sleeping, someone else on the other side of the world might be searching for your products and service. With an online sales portal, these people are able to, since your shop is open 24/7.


Find out how Sana can improve your B2B business

The future of B2B e-commerce

Sana Commerce is a B2B e-commerce platform that helps manufacturers and wholesalers and distributors 

efficiently run their business and improve their customer service through easy online order processing and a 24/7 online access of product information. Sana Commerce makes a B2B e-commerce web store simple to setup and run because it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP systems.

More revenue

Sana’s sales portal will save time and money, make your business future-proof and eventually result in higher revenues.

Higher sales efficiency

With a Sana webshop, orders can be placed anytime and anywhere, less mistakes are made and customers are better served.​

Better customer service

You are able to serve your customers in the way they want you to with an online sales portal of Sana.


Leverage your ERP investment

Your ERP is the heart of your business in every sense. Utiize the financial and workload investment you’ve already made by installing Sana within your ERP. A seamless integration with all business logic and customer data provides a very valuable source of real-time product information to you and your customers.

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